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Rocking Cradle


Laurianna grabbed the roll of yarn and unrolled it until the end tickled the floor.  She took the scissors from the bedside table and cut the piece, laying both extra objects back onto the table.  She held onto the yarn tightly and leaned over towards the cradle.  She tied one end to top wooden bar, and left the yarn fall onto the floor.

She walked into the other room softly and took the bawling baby from her husband’s hands.  He signed her a warm “Thank you” once she had it carefully tucked into her arms.  She walked back into the other room and curled down, depositing him into the cradle.  The sight of the puffy red face made her sigh and close her eyes.  She grabbed the yarn and lay down into the nearby chair.  She tied the other end of the yarn snugly around her finger, then leaned over and gently pushed the cradle so that it began rocking.  She closed her eyes and leaned back, ready for a well-deserved nap.  The gentle tug at her finger slowly lulled her to sleep. 

Twenty minutes later she was woken up by the stop of the constant pull on her finger.  She looked over: the cradle had stopped rocking and her baby was looking up at her with wide, awake eyes.  She smiled down at him and pushed the cradle again.  The baby’s moth opened into a big “o” shape and she imagined him cooing.  He smiled (laughed?).  She leaned back and let the tug of the yarn pull her back into her sleep.