Sept 2011 – April 2015        Bachelor of Fine Arts, Western University, London, ON
Sept 2011 – April 2015        Minor in Creative Writing, Western University, London, ON
June 2011                             Ontario Secondary School Diploma, Bishop’s College School, Sherbrooke, QC
June 2009                           Diplôme d’Études Secondaires, Bishop’s College School, Sherbrooke, QC


2015                                       VAULT: Western’s Practicum Class Art Show Catalog
                                                                March 2015:         Opening Remarks
2014 – 2015                          The Scholar’s Showcase: Western’s Scholar’s Electives Academic Magazine
                                                                March 2015:         Soggy and Sweating and Shaking and Tapping
                                                                Dec 2014:             Chop
2011– 2014                            The Scholarly Scoop: Western’s Scholar’s Electives Magazine                                                                                                                                                        

                                                                March 2014:         An Aesthetic Look into the Life of a Scholar’s Student
                                                                Dec 2013:             Behind Locked Hands
                                                                March 2013:         To Travel…
                                                                Dec 2012:             Of Chicken and Carrots
                                                                March 2012:         Vandalized
                                                                Jan 2012:               Viola Davis Doesn’t Need Help to Win Hearts                                                                                                                                 
                                                                Nov 2011:             The Trees that Hold                             

2007 – 2011                         Inscape: Bishop’s College School’s Literary Magazine
                                                         Declared “Highest Award” by the “Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines.” 
                                                                June 2011:            The Lovers:                                           
                                                                June 2011:            The Sleeping Stars
                                                                June 2011:            The Thai Paper Fan
                                                                June 2011:            The Trees That Hold
                                                                June 2011:            The Umbrella
                                                                June 2011:            Vandalized
                                                                June 2009:            Failing
                                                                June 2009:            Inauguration Speech
                                                                June 2009:            Like It Was Before
                                                                June 2009:            Emigrate
                                                                June 2008:            L’Inde
June 2007:            Webs

2006                                       First Fruits: Montreal’s Jewish Public Library’s Annual Student Literary Publication
                                                                April 2006:            Webs
Honorable mention in poetry category for grades 7-11

Executive Positions

Jan 2015 - Present                 Senior Editor-in-Chief for The Scholar’s Showcase
Sept 2015 - Present               Catalog Committee Manager for VAULT’s catalog, a show in the Artlab, Western.
Dec 2013 – Jan 2015             Senior Editor-in-Chief for The Scholarly Scoop
Sept–Dec 2013                      Creative Director for The Scholarly Scoop
Sept 2011- 2012                      Junior Editor for The Scholarly Scoop
Sept 2009- 2011                    Senior Editor for literary magazine Inscape

                                                            Declared “Highest Award” by the “Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines.”